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Updated 18th January 2017.

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Updated 18th January, 2017. 
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Melissa struggles to maintain her balance why in a tight strappado position. Her arms are bound tight together in a leather Armbinder so tight that her elbows are grindingly tight together, she is wearing high heels constantly causing her to loose her balance, and she has harness trainer gag on with her head pulled back. How will she survive this torture? Will she ever get free?

This is a complete list of all the videos available for download right now.

Stretched & Spread
Fun in the Blue Armbinder

Melissa is laced into the Armbinder with her elbows touching, then tied to a table with legs wide apart. Her bare arse gets a working over with the paddle.

Tight in Purple
Too Tight & Purple Lingerie

Wearing a barely there sexy little lingerie set, Melissa is tied into an increasingly tight rope position until movement is no longer an issue for her.

Melissa in Leather
Tied up Tight in Leather

Black leather ballet boots, corset, Armbinder, straps, harness gag. Watch as Melissa gets strapped up tighter and tighter from beginning to end.

Courtney is Frogtied & Suspended

Courtney is stripped naked, put into a Frogtie, and then suspended from the roof. A harness gag is strapped on, and tweezer clamps onto each nipple..

Available in HD720


Melissa in Lingerie and Corsetry

Sexy white lingerie, white stockings and white opera gloves, and tight fitting white corset cinching her waist down to 18", and supertight elbow bondage.



Ariel is Kidnapped!!!

Naked and Strapped up in leather, Hogtied, Suspended by her ankles, Suspended by her wrists, flogged, spanked, whipped. Ariel has no hope for escape or rescue from her tight bondage and torture.


Samantha's First Hogtie

Samantha experiences her first time in bondage, elbows together in a Hogtie.

Available in HD720


Swimsuit Hogtie

Caetlyn now gets put into her g-string swimsuit and strictly hogtied.

Available in HD720



A Schoolgirls Adventure in Bondage

Caetlyn things bondage is fun, but soon gets more than she bargained for.

Available in HD720



Super Tight Hogtie

Nikkie gets hogtied much tighter than she was expecting. She can't move an inch!


Corsetry in Bondage

Cobie squirms around in a corset cinched down tightly on her waist.

Strappado Tickle Torture - 3

I finish off tickling her and she tries to maintain her balance despite being exhausted by her tickle torture.

Strappado Tickle Torture - 2

To test how tight the ropes are I test out just how ticklish she really is.

Strappado Tickle Torture - 1

Cobie is placed into a tight strappado position, with her crotch rope keeping her nice and still.

"Second Life" - Boots & Armbinder - 2

Now Melissa is on the table Hogtied in all the leather gear.

"Second Life" Boots & Armbinder - 1

Inspired by the Role Play game, Melissa is strapped into a leather bondage harness, ballet boots, Muzzle Gag and Armbinder.

The Naughty Schoolgirl - 2

Now the naughty schoolgirl is tied wide open on the bed and gagged. How on earth will she ever get free?

The Naughty Schoolgirl - 1

Some girls should just learn not to be such a big tease - you never know where it could lead.


The Pink Outfit - 2


The Pink Outfit - 1

Casually Bound - 3

Casually Bound - 2

Casually Bound - 1

Armbinder Strappado - 3

Her body arched by the stringent binder, she is placed into a strappado and gagged - begging for release the whole time.

Armbinder Strappado - 2

The Armbinder is laced onto her body tighter and tighter until her arms are touching grindingly tight behind her back.

Armbinder Strappado - 1

Melissa unpacks her nice new Royal Blue Armbinder, but it looks impossibly small!!! How on earth could she ever fit her arms into it?

Ballet Boots - 2

Think it's hard standing in ballet boots? Try doing it with a vibrator....

Ballet Boots - 1

Suspended Ball Tie - 2

Suspended Ball Tie - 1

Reverse Prayer - 3

Reverse Prayer - 2

Reverse Prayer - 1

The Massage Bench - 2

The Massage Bench - 1

Bound in Blue Jeans - 2

Bound in Blue Jeans - 1

The Buzz Balancing Trick - 4

The Buzz Balancing Trick - 3

The Buzz Balancing Trick - 2

The Buzz Balancing Trick - 1

Armbinder - 1

Reverse Hogtie - 3

Reverse Hogtie - 2

Reverse Hogtie - 1

Buzzed on the Table

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - Part-15

Super Tight Strappado - 2

Super Tight Strappado - 1

Tortured on the Chair - 2

Tortured on the Chair - 1

The Bondage Harness - 3

The Date From Hell! - 4

The Date From Hell! - 3

The Date From Hell! - 2

The Date From Hell! - 1

Kidnapped Schoolgirl

Parts 13 & 14

Kidnapped Schoolgirl

Parts 11 & 12

A Bondage Story - 4

A Bondage Story - 3

A Bondage Story - 2

A Bondage Story - 1

Muzzle Gagged & Hogtied - 3 & 4

Unable to move, escape or call for help, she is spanked, paddled and flogged on her exposed breasts and arse.

Muzzle Gagged & Hogtied - 1 & 2

Bound in an extreme hogtie and muzzle gagged with her head pulled back, she is vulnerable to whatever I do to her.....

The Bondage Harness - 2

The Bondage Harness - 1

Bound Nymph - 1

Suspended from the Ladder

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - 10

Forced!! - Part-2

Forced!! - Part-1

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - 9

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - 8

Bent Forward and Spanked

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - 7

Kidnapped Schoolgirl - 6

Head Harness Hogtie


Plus the latest part of the Video Feature.

Video Feature 1 - Part-1
"Table Top Hogtie"

A challenge made to me to make the tightest hogtie ever.

Video Feature 1 - Part-2
"Table Top Hogtie"

A challenge made to me to make the tightest hogtie ever.