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Updated 24th January 2012.


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The large thumbnails below can be clicked on for FULL SIZE previews. The big logo on them is only for these demo pictures and doesn't appear on the members pictures.
The Logo denotes that this model is a "Bondage Virgin", and that this is their first time ever in strict bondage.

Melissa, the sweet young schoolgirl finds herself kidnapped. She is grabbed from behind, tightly tied, gagged with her own underwear, and thrown into the trunk of a car. This is a continuing series - what will happen to her next?

A kidnapped Schoolgirl, tortured at the hands of her kidnapper.

Now its time for very strict position indeed!! Thinking that "this bondage stuff" is really easy to do, our poor victim soon finds herself bound inescapably tight - elbows tied grindingly tight together, mouth stuffed full with a 2" gag, head yanked back and up into the air, legs spread wide by a long spreader bar and lifted off of the ground, and waist crushed down by a corset. All she can do is squirm, and mew through the gag - fun indeed!! Watching her unable to endure the tight bondage, but unable to get free from it is what bondage is all about.

Roped up tight and not able to move an inch, in this hard endurance position.

Cobie was here for her first ever bondage shoot. What did I do? I put her into an incredibly tight strappado of course! Yes, I know I'm mean, but Cobie is in to bondage in a big way in her personal life, but she just has never been bound up in a really tight and truly inescapable position. I had her bent forward, her arms bound together tight at her elbows, then held up to the roof, a crotch rope kept her bottom up, and a harness gag pulled her head back. Watch here as the drool drips out of her mouth.......

An inescapable strappado, unable to move, elbows hard together, big gag causing her to drool. Great first time in tight bondage shoot!

Caetlyn was back for her second adventure with ARW. This time around I had her in a sexy two piece underwear set, baring that incredible arse of hers. It wasn't long before she was bound up tight with her arms crossed behind her back, gagged, and writhing around on the bed sticking that arse of hers our like the big tease that she is. Caetlyn has the most incredible sexy eyes, and the most amazing sultry look, while still looking sweet and innocent. Out of bondage - hot, in bondage? Bloody hot!!

Sexy and Sultry Caetlyn is back, this time stripped down in her underwear, bound tight and gagged.


Ariel is hogtied on my very hard and uncomfortable dining table. Her elbows are pinned tightly together and the harness gag in her mouth is used to pull her head up and back at a very painful angle indeed. Ariel might be a professional bondage model, but even she found this position very hard to endure, especially when the ball in her mouth was larger than she could manage.


Ariel is hogtied on my very uncomfortable dining room table with her head pulled back.

Melissa is back for some extra tight bondage, and back in the Royal Blue Armbinder. Watch as her elbows grind painfully together as we lace the Armbinder closed onto her arms tighter and tighter, her mouth is stuffed full with a 2in harness gag strapped on way too tight for her, then her jeans are taken off exposing her smooth round sexy arse for punishment. Finally, her ankles are tied wide apart to the table where I then bend her forward and go to work on her sexy vulnerable body.

Tight fitting Armbinder, elbows hard together, big 2in harness gag, then stripped down to her g-string.

I had Sarah in for a shoot, but I was in a funny mood, a little annoyed, a little impatient, and just wanting to take it out on someone with bondage as my weapon. So I roped her into one hell of a painfully tight position, and when she dared to protest that is was too tight - that she couldn't take it any longer - I stuffed a way oversize gag into her mouth to shut her up. LOL, sorry Sarah.

I was in one of those "moods". You know the one, where you just want to go nuts on someone, bondage wise.

Introducing 18 year old Caetlyn. She is sweet, sexy, hot, young, and currently tightly bound on my couch! This gorgeous vixen finds out what tight bondage is all about, yet still manages to give me that all too sweet yet coy smile as the ropes get tighter and tighter. She find her elbows bound painfully tight together, and her legs pulled over into a tight hogtie, leaving her in an inescapable and humiliating hogtie. Time to upload these pictures to her Facebook Wall...... hehehe

Sweet sexy Caetlyn innocently tries out some bondage - elbows hard together in an inescapable hogtie.

There are two positions I love - hogties and strappadoes - and Ariel does the latter oh so well!! She is forced forward, with her arms bound at her elbows and touching, and straight up to the roof, her ass sticking out for whatever my crop decides to do with it, and the nasty large ring gag harness strapped in.

Bent forward into a strappado, ass sticking out, arms straight up, ring gagged, and drooling.


Veronica is back for an even tighter position to try out. She gets roped up at her ankles, above and below her knees, and at her upper thighs with the rope sinking deep into her skin. Her arms are bound tightly behind her at her elbows and wrists, then more ropes around her body above and below her breasts. A tight crotch rope is used ion her for the first time, and she is forced into a tight hogtie.


How did Veronica find herself bound into such a tight and vulnerable position wearing only her underware?

Introducing Ariel Anderson, who is a professional bondage model from the UK. When she contacted me asking if I was interested in shooting her while she was in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity. No matter how tight I made it, she just kept taking it! This was almost as challenge for me!

Ariel gets the ARW treatment while on holiday in Down Under - tight ropes and even tighter gags!


Melissa is placed into a complex rope suspension position. Ropes are bound around her body above and below her breasts, around her waists at her hips, and around each of her legs. Once up in the air her legs are folded and further ropes are attached to her ankles and her wrists are bound to her sides. To finish off, a harness ball gag keeps her head pulled back and forces her to stay looking forward. I pulled on her body and let her swing slowly back and forth - completely unable to escape the bondage that held her body, forced to be an object of lust as she hung in the air, completely humiliated by her predicament and utterly vulnerable and helpless for all to touch and play with.


Vulnerable to your every touch in an inescapable and humiliating bondage position..

Nicci has joined us for her first ever experience in hard, stringent bondage. She asked that we "challenge" her, that we should push her boundaries. Well we don't need any more encouragement than that! Nicci finds herself roped into the most stringent and inescapable hogtie you could imagine! Her elbows are bound tight together, her legs are cinched tight in 4 different places, a tight crotch rope keeps her wrists hard against her arse, and her head is yanked right back by a rope attached between the gag strap and her elbow ropes!!

Elbows bound hard together and her head pulled back by her harness gag.


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